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Maintenance Plans

In 2010 we were contacted by a local company that was experiencing every small business owner's worst nightmare:  their network server had crashed. 

In our free evaluation, we discovered that the server had been sold by and installed under the auspices of a company in a different state.  To their credit, they had installed a backup system that was being managed remotely from their location.  We suggested that our local company contact the company and ask that the system be restored.  Sounds simple, right? 

When contacted, the company asked that they send the computer, along with the backup hard drive, to their location.  When the computer was returned to the local company, they discovered that the hard drive was completely re-formatted.  They were told that there was nothing recoverable and that the backup drive had failed and was trashed.  The only hope they were given was the name of a data restoration company who's fees STARTED at $2,000.00.  The nightmare just got worse!  The data contained on that server was ALL financial records (Quickbooks), their customer relationship manager database (Maximizer), and all customer correspondence (email and print).  

Since their workstations contained off-line versions of their documents, we were able band-aid them so that they could at least limp through a couple of days.

After working on the server hard drive for about a week, we were able to restore virtually all of the hard drive's data even though it had been completely re-formatted.  The Maximizer database, however had been corrupted and the folks at Maximizer were unable to restore it.  We found a specialist at a very reasonable price who was able to rebuild the data and, in the end, very little was lost.

The point of this story is that this company now has a Maintenance plan.  All data is backed up every night on drives that are rotated every week.  One backup is kept offsite at all times. We are automatically notified if a backup fails,  And, yes, the primary data drive failed recently.  Due to our backup plan, we were able to restore all of the data within 24 hours.

Ask Us Computers can evaluate your company and put a maintenance plan in effect (either on-site or remote) that will include monthly scanning and cleaning of viruses and other malware, a comprehensive backup solution, and various preventative measures such as checking for registry health, dust build up, and potential hardware failure.  Our rates are among the most reasonable in the business.

2012 Maintenance Rates
# OnSite Remote
1 - 5 64.95/Computer 49.95/Computer
6-10 54.95/Computer 44.95/Computer
More than 10 44.95/Computer 39.95/Computer